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Buying and selling are the two main parts of all business activities. All business concerns aim ate earning revenue from the sale of the products that they buy in finished form or in the form of raw materials from others at a lesser cost. They look for buyers and sellers and buyers simultaneously. Other than this, business concerns look for sellers through whom they can take their products and services at the doorsteps of customers. They look for markets and shops where they can supply their products for sale. On the other hand, before launching a product in the market, they make an idea about the market and buying capacity of the people of the area where they are planning the launch. It is also very essential for them to have a thorough idea about the level of demand for a particular product in a particular idea.

Not only business concerns but general people too look for sellers and buyers. A person who needs to buy a particular product or avail a particular service look for stores and companies where it is available. Suppose, you are planning to buy a television set or a personal computer. What would you do? You will surely look for shops and markets where electronic appliances are sold. Similarly if you want to sell something you will look for buyers.

Many people sell their own properties for different reasons. While some sell their properties to replace them with new ones and some do it to get rid of financial burden. Car tops the list of personal properties that are sold by people. If you have a car and planning to buy a new one, this is what you will surely do. But to get a good value for your beloved car you need to get a good buyer or customer. So what would you do? Publishing advertisements in newspapers is an age old practice which is still on but today one cannot depend on such ads as they come on newspapers pages weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Today people don’t have the time to wait and that’s why publishing advertisements in newspapers is a not the smartest thing to do. To get quick response for your advertisement you need to opt for a medium, which provides service 24 x 7 and is available in all parts of the globe. That’s internet.

On the internet, you will find hundreds of portals where advertisements on various subjects related to business are are published. If you want to publish advertisements for selling something that you possess, the B2B portals are the best mediums. B2B portals r the business-to-business portals are electronic business guides of the hi-tech age. All kinds of information that business-class people may have interest in are available on these portals in detail. Just log on to any B2B portal and you will find several categories from where you can acquire necessary data. If you want to sell something click on the ‘buyer’ category and a list of buyers will displayed on the monitor screen. Similarly if you looking for people who sell a particular kind of product or service, click on the seller category.

With the introduction of B2B portals, the process of communicating with people has become simpler. These B2B portals actually work like chains that keep different entities of business like buyers, sellers, wholesalers, dealers, retailers, manufacturers, suppliers and others in close contact. If buyers and sellers in a particular city are your searching subject then look for the city-based B2B portals. Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal is a large city and a major center for commercial operations. The city is home to hundreds of potential buyers and sellers of different goods, products and services. So if you want information on them, then opt for the Kolkata-based B2B portals. Lots of people engaged in various business activities enlist their names and profiles in the Kolkata-based B2B portals. Just log on to them and you will get long lists of buyers and sellers in Kolkata.