Jewellery exporter in kolkata/kolkata gold suppliers.

Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal is a large and among the most developed cities in India. It is one of the five metropolitan cities in India and is home to billions of people. Besides, Kolkata is also a large center of national and international commercial operations in the Eastern part of the country. A significant percentage of the population of Kolkata earn their livelihood from different types of businesses and have dealings with different other countries of the world. Various types of goods and products are exported from Kolkata to different corners of the world in bulk quantities. Gold is one among those. In fact gold is among the most widely exported products in Kolkata.

There has always been a huge demand for gold jewelries made in Kolkata. Especially during the Diwali, gold exporters in Kolkata make a good amount of money from their international trading. The gulf countries are the largest importers of golden jewelries made in Kolkata, especially the hand-made jewelries. Dubai, one of the largest commercial centers in Asia, imports hand-made gold jewelries from Kolkata in huge quantity throughout the year. The demand for hand-made gold jewelries has always been much more than machine-made jewelries because they are unique. Not a single piece is a photo copy of the other. If you have bought a hand-made jewelry set you can be rest assured that you will not meet a person wearing the same thing. But there is such a possibility if you have bought a machine-made jewelry set because machine works uniformly. Another reason why people prefer hand-made gold jewelries more over machine made pieces is the variety. As each and every piece is unique, you will find endless varieties in hand-made gold jewelries. Besides, as they are made by skilled goldsmiths, the jewelries get wonderful finishing which is not possible for any machine to provide.

Most of the reputed jewelers in Kolkata have good trade relations with the Gulf countries. However, as NRIs are growing in numbers allover the world, the demand for hand-made gold jewelries of Kolkata is increasing rapidly. Thanks to the availability of cheap labor, gold exporters in Kolkata offer products at quite affordable rates, which is also a major reason behind this huge preference. When it comes to wedding, NRIs always contact the gold exporters in Kolkata to make sure what they are planning to buy is exquisite as well as affordable.

Even if you are not an NRI and a woman, Kolkata’s hand-made gold jewelry is sure to melt your heart. You can’t resist watching yourself on the mirror wearing a set. No body can. Just like the major tourist spots, the jewelry shops in Kolkata are also visited by lots of foreign tourists and the dazzling look of the ornaments just make them crazy. The jewelry shops in Kolkata have got huge variety. You will find jewelries of contemporary designs as well as ethnic sets. Traditional designs are also available largely here. Don’t worry about the price, because in Kolkata, gold jewelries are always affordable.

So next time, before starting from your home for Kolkata don’t forget to include the gold jewelry shops in the city in your list of ‘places to be visited’. Do visit once and you will find your time has not been wasted.


  1. Kolkata is the epicenter of cultural and art heritage of India where so many legends have born and its famous for its food and Bengali jewellery designs.The city has number of jewellery shops and some of the best gold jewellery shop in kolkata are better than Jaipur Jewellery shops which is biggest jewellery market of India.

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