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Located in its eastern part, Kolkata, the capital of West Bengalis among the five metropolitan cities in India. Kolkata is among the largest and most developed cities in the country and home to billions of people belonging to different religious communities. More than 300-year old, Kolkata is a city that speaks about the cultural traditions of the Bengalis. But like many other cities of the world, modernization has made a huge impact on this historic city. In the last 10 years, Kolkata has witnessed drastic changes in everything around it. The lifestyles of the citizens have changed and there has been huge change in their choices and needs. Kolkata now provides all kinds of modern facilities and services that can satisfy the changed needs of its people. Modern apartment buildings have come up all over the city, have successfully replaced the traditional architecture and have changed the cityscape forever. Shopping malls have taken over the marketplaces, which used to be the most crowded places in the city in the past and the hi-tech multiplexes have made survival difficult for the theaters and cinema hall.

Modernization has made a huge impact on the food culture of the city too. The people of Kolkata have always been known for their love for different kinds of food and that’s the reason one can find different types of restaurants in the city. Kolkata houses some of the most reputed restaurants in India that remain thickly crowded throughout the day. While Central and North Kolkata house some of the best Mughlai restaurants in the country, the Southern part of the city boasts of restaurants that serve authentic Chinese and Tibetan dishes. Besides, there are several multi-cuisine restaurants where traditional foods of people of all parts of the country are available. Interestingly, Some of these most reputed restaurants in Kolkata are satisfying the taste buds of the people. Sheeraz, Aminia, Roayl Indian Restaurant, Sabeer, Rehmania, Mainland China, China Town and Momo Plaza are just a few names that are closely associated with the food culture of Kolkata. No matter what the season is, you will always find it difficult to get a table in these restaurants.

But in today’s Kolkata, these are not the only places where you can go with your friends and family members for having dinner. Today you can opt for places like Pizza Hut, Dominos, Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonalds because they all have their outlets in the city, thanks to the change in people’s fascination for foods. Wide varieties of delicious dishes along with refreshing beverages are served in these food points and as a result they have become favorites to lots of people. Apart from these, the modern shopping malls in the city are equipped with food courts where different varieties of foods for people of all parts of the country are available. There are counters for South Indian dishes, Mughlai dishes, Punjabi dishes as well as Bengali thalis and Chinese foods. One just needs to order, pay the amount and serve him/herself.

If you are planning a visit to Kolkata for the first time you must have thorough idea about the restaurants and food points that serve different kinds of food and beverages. Kolkata is not a small city and it’s not easy for an outsider to find out restaurants here because majority of the reputed restaurants are located in narrow lanes. So how would you get to know about them?

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