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Located in the eastern part of India, Kolkata is among its top first class cities. It is the capital of West Bengal and the home to billions of people. One of the five metropolitan cities in India, Kolkata is rapidly progressing towards modernization with the course of time. Development is taking place in each and every corner of the city everyday, every hour. Today all kinds of modern services and facilities that one may look for in a metro city are available here. Besides, Kolkata is among the major tourist attractions and commercial centers in the eastern part of India and is visited by hundreds of national and international tourists and business travelers all the time. Availability of cheap labour and all kinds of transport facilities has attracted thousands of businessmen towards Kolkata and today the city houses offices of a number of foreign companies. But the area of Kolkata is so large that it is quite difficult for its citizens to know in detail about the services and facilities available here and for an outsider it is next to impossible. But advancement of technology is making turning lot of ‘impossible things into possible. Today you can get to know about everything in Kolkata just within seconds. No need to buy travel guides or yellow pages as going through 200-250 pages is time consuming and the information that are printed there are not updated. Just log on t the internet and your problems will be solved. There are several portals that provide regularly updated information on Kolkata round the clock. is among the best portals that are representing Kolkata to the world. Specially, if you are a businessman and looking for some information regarding business operations in Kolkata, people related to various jobs related to business, would be the best guide for you.

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