Free business listing/epi portal on kolkata.

Business is all about making profit from sale of products or services. More you sell, you earn more profit and your business operations get better and smoother. But in this age of tough competition, quality of products and services is not the only criteria for a successful business. You may find your company going down despite of quality products and services because there are hundreds of other companies selling items that you sell. Today the secrets behind achieving success in business are recognition, reputation and presence. Your company needs to be recognized by people and you have to earn reputation in the market. And to do that you need to put your best effort on campaigning for your company. You need to reach people beyond geographical boundaries of your city, state and country. Your products and services have to be present in markets across the world and you need to make sure that they get easily identified by people. To increase your business volume, you need to improve your communication with customers. You have to make sure that people looking for companies selling things that you do come to you first and stay with you for a long time.

Earlier companies used to depend on newspapers for campaigning and promotion of their items. They used to spend money for publishing advertisements on pages of newspapers. Gradually, with the rising popularity of television, they switched over to advertising on news channels. But today these are insufficient for getting global recognition. Availability of tv channels and newspapers are entirely dependent on telecast and circulation. Neither all channels nor newspapers are available across the world. So you need something which is available in all corners of the world and at anytime. Today you need internet, because it’s a 24x7 service and is accessible at all parts of the globe.

Today companies across the world have switched over to online marketing and promotion because it’s the best way to reach the global customers. They have got well designed and well informed websites from where customers all over the world can know everything about them. But the B2B portals have made things even simpler. The B2B portals or business to business portals have been specially designed to cater to the needs of people engaged in business activities. These portals actually serve as a supply chain management between different entities of business like buyer, seller, supplier, manufacturer, wholesalers and so on. These portals do not only provide detailed and updated information about companies but also offer most modern communication facilities that keep customers closely tied up with the sellers.

There are plenty of B2B portals that offer free listing services. They allow business organizations to enlist their entire profiles in the portals free of charge. the profiles are updated in such a way that whenever someone searches for a particular product or service, names of companies dealing with it get displayed on the portal. Today, the free listing service offered by the B2B portals is the best way to reach the global customer. Just enlist your company’s detail and the rest will keep on happening.

Ebizzkolkata is one such B2B portal that focuses on business operations in the city. The portal is loaded with detailed information regarding companies engaged in all kinds of business operations in the city. Anything that you might like to know about a Kolkata-based company will be available here. Besides, ebizzkolkata is equipped with the most advanced interactive tools like chat, email and SMS which makes it easier for people to communicate with companies that they are looking for.

So if you are planning to start your company’s operation in Kolkata, enlist your profile with ebizzkolkata today. With ebizzkolkata by your side you are always visible in the global market.